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You (Netflix Show Review)

January 15, 2019




Holy cheesewiz batman, (in other words, holy fuck nuts on a stick!) it's been a year since I posted on here. My excuse? I didn't feel like it. I didn't feel I had anything to say, so, I didn't. I do now, so, let's get into this review. 


Very Brief Summary


You follows Joe, portrayed by Penn Badgley, as he falls utterly and completely for Beck, portrayed by the lovely Elizabeth Lail. Instead of love at first sight, it's obsessed at first sight. And when Joe-Joe gets like this, he does whatever it takes to get her.


My Thoughts. 


You threw me for a loop. I didn't expect to like, even relate (on some levels) to Joe-Joe; with his direct and somewhat sarcastic approach to life... yeah, um, that's me. Except for the, ya know, stalking aspect. We've all Facebook stalked someone, but Joe-Joe takes it a little too far. Just so ya know, I finished the season in one day, and woke up this morning wondering what I'm going to do with myself.   


So, in short, You has you yelling, sneering in disgust, and even in a way, rooting for Joeyy, the stalker dude as he ventures on the journey of getting the girl no matter the cost. It's a total mind-fuck to see from the other person's perspective because you can't fully dislike him as he shows compassion and love for other people. But at the same time, what happened in Joe-Joe's past doesn't give him the right to do some of the things he did. 


As for Beck, the aspiring writer who he sinks his claws into, to be honest she got on my nerves a bit. It frustrated me that she was someone who needed saving, but then after I finished the show, and analyzed it, it makes sense. He's going to be attracted to someone who doesn't have their shit together because he needs to be the hero. 


Thankfully she gets her shit together. Go Sagittarius-is-is-is! 


When shit hits the fan in the end, you're kinda rooting for both sides. It goes against the basis for the typical tale today. And I fucking loved it. It made me want to delve back into my beloved Dexter (that sounds kinky ;) ). 


Now kids, stalking and killing humans is rude. Don't do it. These shows are acceptable because it's fictitious. Okay?


What'd you think of it? Have you seen it? Would you watch it? Let me know, 'cause I'm curious. If there's anything you want me to review, just let me know.


When you see the word you on the photo above, do you read it like "You" or "YOU!" ? 


Thanks for reading! 




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